Weird First Trimester Symptoms

WARNING: This post may be UBER TMI. If you cannot stomach my graphic, candid language and are easily offended or grossed out DO NOT READ!! I gave you fair warning.

I’ll start it off with my cute outfit I wore to the volunteer event I attended at Shade Tree:

Pref Selfie 2

Cute, huh? It’s super comfy and covered my not- quite- formed bump. The shoes are hand me downs from my sister from another mother and father, CravenSavor. Actually a lot of the items you will be seeing on my posts, come from her.( The one piece bathing suit and crocheted biking top on my first Preggy Pic was from her too.) I live in these Mary Janes because they are comfortable and go with everything I own.

Anyways on to the gross stuff. I’ve read a ton of First Trimester symptoms no one has told you about but I’ve got some weird ones for you from personal experience that I haven’t read anywhere.

I got all the normal stuff like sore boobs, bloating, tiredness, nausea, frequent peeing and really gassy.  I mean my gas has always been putrid but now the Hubby is even more impressed by how gross they are now. He must really love me, since I can’t even stand them. Farts are the ghost of what you’ve eaten and I got zombies coming out of there. I’ve also been blessed with no throwing up but I think it has to do with the fact I didn’t get the ability to smell extremely well.

I’m a little disappointed by not getting that super power. All the blogs say you get a heightened sense of smell. I finally realized the build up of boogers is clogging up my senses. I mean, geebus, I have a three inch thick wallpaper booger plastered to the inside of my nose every hour. WTF?!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  I’m guessing this has something to do with increased blood circulation or something.. Whatever, I’ll deal with it.

Another one is the increased desire to “re-enact conception.” lol. I literally call it that and right after Hubs is done, I say, “I’m pregnant.” hahaha. We’ve been together for six years and we never used any form of contraception aside from the method called withdrawal. I know that sounds extremely risky but let me tell you ladies, if you swallow it, you can’t get pregnant since the sperm can’t go through your throat,stomach,intestines, and colon to fertilize the egg. When we got married, we continued to practice withdrawal but as soon as I let him stay in there, I got hooked. That shit feels good and now I’m pregnant it’s like why not keep on it. hahaha. I told you this post is graphic. I’ve always had an appetite but damn being pregnant makes you think about it all freaking day. I haven’t read that anywhere either. The only problem is I get so freaking tired throughout the day, I fall asleep before he can act on it. hahaha.

I think that’s about it for now. There should be more. End of the day, no matter how moody/yucky the symptoms I feel, I get a baby at the end of it all. Now that’s the light at the end of the tunnel.


2 thoughts on “Weird First Trimester Symptoms

  1. hahaha it’s good you don’t have a heightened sense of smell yet, my nose went super power and my favorite perfumes made me sneeze 😦 plus I can smell all the unpleasantness that other people can’t detect from miles away, or smell food that I have no desire to eat…I mean, I almost puked when I caught a sniff of the rotisserie chicken at costco during my first trimester, and I used to love that stuff 😦 but now I think my super power is not as strong anymore, or maybe just because I can finally eat and not puke everything out afterwards, life is good 🙂

    • Hi lulu! I should be thankful that the foods I love don’t disgust be at this time. But the nausea with no release(throw up action) is kinda bothersome. Btw, love your blog and look forward to more of your posts:)

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