The Birth Story

ImageOn 12/26 at 11am, I felt a trickle go down my leg. I thought it was the normal pee drop that happens when one is 39 weeks pregnant. I was busy getting my house ready since my dad, stepmom, and two younger bros we’re going to be staying over for 48 hours. I haven’t seen them in 4 years and I was super excited. They live in Germany, flew in to Sacramento and were driving to vegas to visit. Frankie’s due date was 12/31 but how wonderful would it be if she came out a few days early to meet her grandpa? 

By 2pm the slow trickle of fluid didn’t stop so I called the advice nurse and she said I should go to L&D. from the classes I took, I know there’s a 24 hour time frame from when your water breaks then they’ll classify you as high risk for infection. So I called the husband at work and he came home. He got there super fast. 

I was pretty calm cuz I expected to get sent home but I was admitted. A few things I didn’t expect when they admitted me:

– they shove a thousand gadgets up my ying yang

– they wanted to start pitocin immediately

my ideals of being able to walk around, bounce on my birthing ball, and getting in a shower were thrown out the door. Fortunately I had a nurse who was very encouraging so she managed to convince the doc to hold off on the pitocin. (My OB was not available, so his partner was on call.) I selected a male OB for a specific reason, I was not a fan of his chick partner but I digress. 

So I tried my best to utilize my hypnobirthing techniques that I’ve been practicing all along. My dad and them just arrived from Sacramento and it was so awesome they hung out in the room with me while I labored. They ended up getting a hotel room since my hubby and I were stuck at the hospital and couldn’t let them into our house. After 16 hours of laboring without any pain meds or pitocin, I was not dilating enough. At this point the doc was pushing for induction hardcore. I was super exhausted and was strating to feel a lil defeated. Hubby was a great supporter. He stood by me as I swayyed my hips, did light touch massage, the perfect partner. Since the doc made it seem like I was putting myself and baby in danger by refusing the pitocin, I gave in. I also said shoot me up with the epidural While you’re at it. I cried for a brief moment feeling like I failed. i was scared of needles but the moment Iet the anesthetist do his thang I felt the greatest relief of my life! I fell asleep. 

while I slumbered, baby’s heartbeat dropped. Hah! Baby was not cool with that pitocin so they had to stop it. I knew it! Around 8amosh the doc said we need to try again cuz we were approaching that 24 hour mark and I still wasn’t dilating. We did and the baby said get that sh*t out of here. Haha. c section was the only option at this point. 

At 9:59am they popped her out of me and it was awesome. I fell asleep immediat

ly. Daddy/hubs cut the cord and took pictures while my ass slept in peace while thru sewed me up. When I woke up in recovery, my Frankie girl latched right on and has been eating like a champ. (she’s a great eater like her mommy:) 

praise God! She was healthy and exactly how I pictured her. I felt great. Of course I had a slew of visitors but the best part was my dad got to meet his granddaughter in person. Who knows, when he’ll get to see her again. They had a narrow time frame in Vegas yet Frankie made her debut in God’s perfect timing. Since my stepmom had c sections with my two lil bros, she was such a big help to me too. Although this wasnt the birth experience I planned on, it was perfect.


Lil Frankie

Lil Frankie

She was born 12/27 at 9:59am. I just love her so much! Best thing my husband and I ever did. Lol.
We are so blessed to have such an easy going happy baby girl. Life is definitely different: I’m the lady who stores the milk and Dad is the butt wiper. I’m treasuring every moment that I haven’t been on WordPress in so long. Hopefully I can get some posts in before I forget the whole experience.

36 Weeks, A Look Back

This post is more for me to remember the sequence of events before Baby Frankie is born. 

4/20/13- took first pregnancy test and super faint line that was inconclusive to my first timer eyes. Took another pregnancy test at LTs house that was negative but came to find out the test was three years old and super expired. Kinda disappointed but a little relieved I could celebrate the day since it’s Hubs and I’s dating anniversary date. 

4/22/13- bought a brand new test and took it first thing in the morning. The line was darker and I texted it to LT so she could confirm I wasn’t being retarded. I’m preggers! Hubs was still unsure about the second pink line though. I stopped smoking and went on a hardcore hike Mary Jane Falls with LT at Mt. Charleston. 

4/23/13- went to school and took a blood test at the clinic. Positive result! It’s real. Hubs kinda believes it now. 

Now the dates get kinda hazy so I’ll just ball park it..

During week 6 I start spotting and call OB office. Fortunately they accommodate me right away. They examined me and drew some blood. Had to wait a whole week to get results. This week humbled me. I never knew I wanted a child so much until I thought I was going to lose the baby. God is good. Ultrasound confirmed baby’s heartbeat. Hubs finally realizes this just got real. 

Week 8- Got to see baby again and confirm all is well. 

June 7 to 14- went to Hawaii for Hubs Cousin’s wedding. Ate, hung out with family, had a blast, and everyone predicted we were having a boy. The flight made me sick. I threw up for the next two days when we got back home. 

July- enjoyed the summer off and read up on a whole bunch of mommy/pregnancy blogs. Got even closer to God. I started attending church and bible study more regularly, 

August 20th- found out we are having a girl!!! Whoo hoo! Ultrasound experience was amazing and probably the last time I will get to see her in utero. 

August 27th- started school again. Being pregnant and taking upper division accounting classes is no joke. I love it. 

September- drove out to Pasadena to go wedding dress shopping with Frankie’s godmother and the woman I named her after, my BFF Cravensavor.

October- BFF Babyshower hosted by LT. It was simply amazing. The amount of love and support that Frankie will be born into is indescribable and overwhelmingly beautiful. I cannot say enough that God has truly blessed us.

November- Two more baby showers hosted by Hub’s mom and then my mommy. We are all set with babysitting schedules for when I go back to school next semester. 

11/26/13- attended the most heartfelt and perfect engagement party for Cravensavor in Pasadena. It was absolutely beautiful and a really great weekend since I got to see all the girls once again. The amount of joy I felt when her fiance professed his love for her in front of their closest family and friends made this pregnant woman cry like no other. He’s totally not that type of guy who would usually do that but people have done stranger things for love. 

11/22/13-12/1/13- Thanksgiving weekend. LT started off the season with a Thanksgiving dinner for us. This has been a yearly tradition for us and it gets better every year! I look forward to more of these in the future as our families grow. We had a small dinner with Hub’s mom on actual Tday since everyone had work that night. Saturday was the big Tday dinner. Frankie loves this holiday. We ate like there was no tomorrow. Now we anxiously wait for my last final on 12/12/13 and I’ll be patiently waiting for Frankie to make her debut. 

Dealing With Those Pesky Hormonal Outbursts

We made it to my third trimester! Yay! I’m a full 30 weeks and been feeling fabulous throughout my second trimester but yesterday my mood changed like a crazy person. I literally screamed in frustration over some burned mozzarella bites which made my dear husband very concerned since we never raise our voices. Here’s a list of the things that set me off:

-our DirecTV stopped working

-I burned my mozzarella bites for the second time

-I couldn’t get a comfortable position on the couch

-I couldn’t find a temperature that didn’t make me sweat or extremely cold

-I had a fiverr gig I’ve been working on for weeks because the client couldn’t get his page to work

-a big time vape shop is trying to threaten my husband with infringing on his trademark name which is nowhere near the name of our vape business

-I was hungry and couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat

All of these little things snowballed into one enormous roar in the kitchen and a flurry of tears in the bedroom while Hubby played Xbox in the living room trying to figure out how to make it better for me. I buckled down and opened my bible app and read a devotional because I was exhausted by the being so upset. A miracle happened! God spoke to me directly through his Word. I know that’s how it’s supposed to work but this was the first time I ever felt like He answered me immediately and so directly. It was so AWESOME!!!! I had to share. So the devotional started with this introduction:

“Love…is not touchy or fretful or resentful;it takes no account of the evil done to it. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5. Walking in love is good for your health. Medical science has proven that hostility produces stress that causes ulcers, tension headaches and host of other ills. Hostility can come from anger you feel when something serious happens but the worst is from little things like the dry cleaners ruining your favorite outfit, or when the cafeteria lady puts gravy on your mashed potatoes after you’ve specifically told her not to. Just think how much stress you could avoid by being quick to forgive by living your live according to 1 Corinthians 13 and not counting the evils done to you. Imagine the physical and emotional benefits of living like that. It may sound impossible but as a believer you have the love of God inside of you. If you’ll yield to that love, it will set you free. In the Name of Jesus, loose me and let me go! I’m putting hostility, unforgiveness, and selfishness behind me. I’m going on with God. I’m going to live the life of love!” 

At the end of that prayer, I felt all that anger and frustration melt away from my body. The tears stopped pouring from my eyes and I was at peace. Hubby came upstairs to check up on me and I apologized for being a brat and he just gave me a hug and kiss and said, “You’re pregnant:)” I was even able to watch an old DVR-ed episode of the Voice since the TV was working in our room. 

It’s the little things like this that make me want to continue on my journey with God. I strive to want to learn more about his Word and how I can apply it in my everyday life. To take time out of my day to really get to know Him and live the life He wants for me doesn’t take as much effort as I used to think. The time spent praying and reading the bible actually makes me more productive in doing the other so-called important stuff like laundry, school work, and work. 




Patience is a virtue. 

In this day in age we are so used to instant everything. Instant pictures, instant message, overnight delivery, and everything else you want right away. Since I don’t drive, I rely on online grocery shopping, online shopping, and food delivery so I admit I’m used to these modern conveniences. But does “fast” everything really make our lives any better or easier? 

Not really. 

For example, being pregnant. We have no choice but to be patient. You can’t really plan or pick out when you get pregnant. That sperm fertilizes that egg when it feels like it. Even when he does, you don’t know if the egg will even implant. If you are one of the lucky ones, the fertilized egg implants and (hopefully)you get to bake that bun for the next 38-42 weeks. Your body goes through a variety of changes, ups, downs, and all the other fun stuff we soon-to be mommy bloggers love to write about. Unlike online shopping, there are no guarantees of on- time delivery, delivery preference, product quality, refunds, or exchanges. You get what you get and there’s nothing you can do but wait. That’s really humbling for the modern day woman. We are so conditioned to plan and execute (we can accomplish or be anything we want to be with hard work and perseverance) that the basic human principle of procreating has become so hard since it doesn’t fit our ideals. Our standards are so high that when we fail, the fall hurts even harder. 

I can’t help but feel so sad when I read about infertility issues. I want to be able to DO something to make it better but in reality nothing I can do or say will make that hurt go away. I can only say that they are in my prayers and hopefully through the grace of God, they will feel peace in their heart and be blessed with their heart’s desires in the future. 

Another example with having patience struggles is responses to emails/texts. I currently have to work on a group project for school. I like to think I’m a great team player and am great at communicating. I love using group emails and group texts so that everyone can be in the loop. I enjoy doing foundation work for projects and having the rest of the group contribute to the project using the template I created with feedback and changes highly welcomed. Ideally, as long as the group members respond and share their thoughts, this always end up with a A+ grade. Unfortunately some people don’t check/respond to their emails on a daily basis or read the the entire email. I don’t compose long emails, I make sure to be as clear and concise as possible, but if people don’t read the full content and even attempt to respond how can anything be accomplished?! This never used to bother me but since I’m 6 months pregnant I think those hormones are starting to kick in. I really need to learn to control my emotions and be PATIENT that my group members might respond during odd hours of the night before the project is due. Just because I like to finish projects on a timely manner, others prefer to procrastinate to the last minute due to their busy schedule and I have to accept that. In reality, if I didn’t expect instant responses to email and texts I wouldn’t feel so stressed out. So I’m turning a new leaf. I will learn to be more patient. 

On a lighter note, I’m so excited for Lil Frankie’s arrival in December. I love being pregnant so patiently waiting for her debut into the world is not that hard. I’m going to miss having her in my belly so I’m enjoying it in the meanwhile. I love watching her Daddy kiss my belly every morning to tell her to be good to me that day and how he waits to feel her kicks. 


I Have a Vagina in my Uterus!

After 20 weeks of anticipation, the hubs and I found out we are having a little girl. I am over the moon excited. We originally wanted a boy but after seeing a healthy baby in my belly, that didn’t really matter anymore. I even had the tech double check in case the baby just had small balls. hahaha. Nope, two lines means lips and not balls. So we have two vagina pictures of baby Frances ( Lil Frankie will be her nickname.)

The experience was surreal. Two months ago we saw a little nugget/booger with a fast heartbeat thumping along and now there’s a complete human being in its place! She was moving and waving her arms at us. She was soo cute. She had a nice round head with chubby ‘ol cheeks and big feet. The tech was having a hard time taking different angles of the heart so we got to see her for a while. Her spine was perfect, she didn’t have a cleft palate/lip, she had two arms and legs, and her heart was working. What a miracle and we are so blessed. I LOVE being pregnant!! 

I needed the positive news to lift up my spirits after my nutritionist appointment earlier in the day. I was 115lbs pre-pregnancy. I ate whatever I wanted and never worked out. I didn’t have body image issues and didn’t care about having the “perfect” body. I found myself attractive and liked what I saw in the mirror. Being a naive first-timer, I thought being pregnant meant I could eat whatever I wanted ( with the exception of the do not eat list) and kick back and relax. So what if I gained a few pounds and couldn’t fit into my old clothes anymore. There’s a baby growing inside of me. WRONG!!!!!! 

Apparently being 140lbs during my second trimester is overweight and I’m at risk to have a c-section according to the nutritionist. A C-section is definitely not my desired birth plan. I want to do a beautiful natural home birth and breastfeed immediately. I don’t feel overweight but according to her chart thing, I am basically obese. My natural first reaction was to cry and be upset at myself and the nutritionist. But you know what, I am a positive person. I gotta do what I gotta do to get what I want. 

This appointment served as a wake up call. My ass needs to nut up and workout. Walking will strengthen my pelvic muscles and in turn make birthing easier. If that along with my already healthy diet doesn’t help keep my weight down but I feel fantastic, I’m not going to let some silly chart make me feel like poop. Women have gained way more weight than I have during pregnancies and had healthy babies.